The Kingdom of God

We live in an interesting time. Interesting, but not unique. Human history is filled with the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men, it’s what gives us the stuff of history. The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Medes, the Romans, all of them at one point in human history ruled what was then the known world, and all of them have since crumbled into nothing more than artifacts and the scholarly conjecture that is based off of them.

We now stand at a time when there is not one government in control of the world, but several, several distinct governments that are all tied inseperably by economy, which acts as the scaffolding which hedges in the roles and boundaries of the world’s population. As of late, this scaffolding has become quite shaky, and on the verge of a total collapse. If it were to totally fail, there is not a human government or institution on earth that could curb the violence and bloodshed that would result from the loss of power and the rise of anarchy. I don’t know what that world looks like, but it would be unlike anything we have seen before. Such is the human kingdom. It rises and it falls, and others fight to fill the vacuum. This should be a sobering time for beleivers, as it causes us to see where it is our loyalties truly lie, and on which kingdom we are placing our hope and our trust.

Even if it doesn’t collapse, let this serve as a reminder to all the Christian’s out there that ours is a kingdom that is secure in the leadership of our great God and King. Our citizenship is with the sovereign ruler of the universe, who speaks things to being out of nothing. Everything holds together by the word of his mouth, and he is directing all things, all rulers, all principalities to their proper end, namely the glorification of Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord. Only his government will stand the test of time, and it is our hope that one day we will enter into the rest that comes from abiding in a kingdom that will not fade, whose glory will illuminate our lives for eternity, and whose joy will never cease. Praise Jesus for this time of uncertainty, as it forces us to take our eyes off of the lie that we have been told for decades, the lie of retirement with ease, and to gaze once again at the beauty of the gospel and what the cross of Christ purchased for us. Justification, sanctification, and one day glorification. We might end this life in destitution, but oh these present sufferings are NOTHING to be compared to glory that will be revealed to us, and these sufferings are preparing us for an infinite weight of glory. With that, Come quickly Jesus, come. Set all things right. Vindicate your holy name, and reveal to all your infinite value.


2 responses to “The Kingdom of God

  1. Word Big Nate. Sometimes I feel as if we live more as a American citizens then heavenly citizens. Our economy can’t fail man. Do think we will have energy problems in the new heavens and the new earth?

  2. amen and amen…thanks for this nate, a needed reminder in a time when Christians should be charged guilty of the flaming rhetoric and spamming that our very scriptures condemn. love you bro.

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